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Why you should have a gallery vault app on your phone?

Gallery vault app is one of the most popular apps in App Store. There are billions people are using at least one gallery vault. It likes a secret weapon in the battle help you win on the last second.  So what is it and why we should have a them on our phone?

What is Gallery vault app?

Gallery Vault appeares when people want to have a place to keep their photos, album photo secretly. When smartphone was not arise, people created Gallery Vault for computer, laptop already. Then smartphone becomes the device is indispensable, it continues to be available on it and called Gallery Vault App.

Nowaday, there are too many improvement that make the app so powerful. The app may be masked like an ordinary calculator. Until you type in your secret password the calculator app turned into a vault that you can hide your most secret photos, videos, and more.  Beside hiding photo, video, the calculator app also has a private web browser allows you browse the internet and stay away from ads tracking. Moreover, Fake calculator allows you to hide secret contacts. The calculator app provides password manager let you keep all passwords in one place also.

People so smart when create a decoy passcode to help you avoid explaining what you keep in this….Decoy Passcode like a normal passcode. When you enter the right one, the vault open but it is not just like that. There is a secret room behind. It means the room when you open decoy passcode is fake, what you really want to hide is not here. So amazing.

The reasons you need to have the app

There are 3 main cases we usually meet in daily life that make you feel uncomfortable.

First case, when you want to show a photo to your friend and incidentally, your friend swipe to other photo that you dont want anyone to see. We usually have actions like that unintentionally. Obviously, you will not want this situation happens, right?

Other case, you are in relationship and your girlfriend dont want to have any secrets between both of you. However, there are some things you still need to keep for yourself. What should you do?

Last case, you are the person was controlled by some one, parent for example. They can open your phone, can check what you do with you phone and absolutely, you dont want to be discovered things should not to be see.

These cases are case in point among thoudsand ashame cases you can meet. So that, to have a private place for yourself, a gallery vault app is not bad idea. If you are a very careful person, a gallery vault app maybe a backup plan for you in emergency case.

Download Secret Photo Vault to solve your problems

Photo Vault app will give you one more secure level to protect your secret photos, contacts, password, browser history. Photo Vault that you can hide your most secret photos, contacts, passwords, and more.


– Save your secret photos, albums into private vault

– Full functional photos, album viewer and browser

– Store contacts you don’t want in your regular address book

– Save all your passwords in one place

– Private browser, browse the internet without leaving any traces

– And, of course, a great UI!

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