What is a photo vault iphone?

1. What is a photo vault iphone?

Photo vault iphone is definition of kind of software/app help you hide photos you dont want another find out on camera rolls. With Photo vault iphone, your photos will be kept behind a password. Putting your private pictures into a photo vault adds them to an encrypted, password-protected locker So that, you will not anxious about it will be seen if someone watch photos in your phone. You can have a photo vault on computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. Nowadays, photo vault are popular on almost device store photos, video.

2. Do you need a photo vault?

Photo Vault iPhone

In my opinion, photo vault iphone is a good invention. However, depend on purpose of each people, photo video vault maybe become a ‘shouldn’t” app. Nowadays, smart device is becoming a trending of the world, particularly smartphone.  Amount of photos, videos we store in smartphone increase quickly. However, some device is not your own completely. And you will afraid that they see some private photos of you. That is one of the reason you should have a photo vault app on your phone.

Imagine, you are in a relationship, and your boyfriend/girlfriend certainly feel unpleasant if you hide him/her anything. However, there are something you only want keep for yourself. What should you do in this case? A photo vault is a good idea, in my opinion. Other case, you are teenager and your parent have right to controll your phone. Of cource, on your phone exist one sexy photo of you at least. I beg you dont want your parent to see them. Although, you are a very serious person, sometimes you will store something that you just want to keep for yourself. And thoudsan situation, you will ashamed if somebody see what should not see. With these reason, I think you should have a photo vault iphone, in case just backup.

3. How can download the app?

As I told above, photo vault is available on laptop, tablet, smartphone…. So that, it’s not hard to find out a photo vault calculator for your device. In this article, I show you download photo vault app in App Store and Google Play.

In App Store, you open App Store on iPhone, after that you search keyword “photo vault”. There will a lot of apps was shown in list. Your task is find out which is the suitable for you. There are so many apps that keep your photos in private, so that it is not a easy task. Depend on your demand, if you just need a place help you store private photos, I think you can chose App lock. This app help you store private photos and private videos. Specially, it is very safty and it’s free. If you need the app look like a normal app to avoid to be discovered. You should try some app like Fake Calculator. The app look like a real Calculator app. So that, you dont have you explain what is this. With Google Play, you can do the same. However, some of photo vault iphone is just available in App Store.