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video locker

Video locker – the outstanding Features of Fake Calculator

Fake calculator is a photo locker will give you one more secure level to protect your secret photos, contacts, browsers. Special, the app also is a video locker allow you to keep video. Moreover, the calculator app is integrated function password manager for iphone. Of course, everything looks like a truly calculator. Until you type in your secret passcode the gallery locker open a private storage in which you can hide your all secret photos and the app together become a video locker and password manager.

Let’s overview each function:

With video locker function, you can keep your videos secure in private. Video Locker is the easiest and safest way to create a secure location on your device to store and protect your personal/important videos. Video locker is your personal gallery where you can keep your most memorable videos. And you can ensure that friends who use your phone don’t see your personal videos if they browse through your gallery.

With Photo vault function: it works by making a virtual album from a group of files on apps. Secret Photo vault only keeps a reference to them from the albums that you create.

With Password manager function, you can save all your passwords in one place. The app allows you to avoid always resetting password if you forgot. There some blanks for you enter name of website/app or URL of website/app and password for them

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