Top 4 secret photo vault app

1. Private Photo Vault
Private Photo Vault protects your hot selfies in a PIN or pattern protected folder. It also includes security features in case your phone (and precious nudes) ever get stolen. It likes break-in reports that will automatically take a photo of the thief and send their location via GPS.
This app is especially useful since it uses a fake password to open decoy folders. So if you have to deal with someone poking around, they’ll only see stock images.
Private Photo Vault also has in-app editing features so you can enhance the contrast and brightness of your photo before sending it off to your partner. The app also includes a private web browser so you can save online photos directly to the app.

3. Keepsafe Photo Vault
Keepsafe Photo Vault has an added layer of protection: It won’t show up on your “Recently Used” apps list.
With “military grade” encryption, the app secures your photos with a PIN, pattern lock, or fingerprint. The app even locks itself when your phone faces downward, in case you need to keep anything under wraps last minute. All of your secret photos can stay safe in a private cloud, so it won’t take up space on your phone.

4. Secret Video vault
With Secret Video locker vault, you can access whatever your heart desires online without worrying about your browsing history being recorded, and you can save secret videos directly to the app. Secret Video vault supports locking through passwords, patterns, PIN, and even Face ID for maximum protection.
Calculator app, Secret Video vault also has a decoy feature, so if an especially nosy person wants to know what photos you’re hiding, you can punch in a fake password that opens innocuous photos. Your private photo will stay private.

4. Secret Vault
Secret vault is exactly what it sounds like — behind a working calculator, the app can hide all of your secrets. Whether it’s a photo, gif, video, or URL, this app has your back with the protection of a four-digit passcode and a decoy icon. Secret vault  also uses pattern locks and touch IDs for maximum security.
In addition to hiding your sexts in any kind of media, Secret vault offers the option to lock individual photos and albums.
It provides the perfect privacy with passcode, double protection, decoy mode, album leve lock and photo level lock. You can even edit your private videos with the trim, crop, and slow motion functions. (For when you really want to show off, obviously.)

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