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Top 4 best Iphone Photo Lockers in App Store?

There are so many Iphone Photo Locker apps in App Store that confuse you so much. So which is the best Photo Locker apps for you is not a easy question to anwser. In my opinion, each app will have strengness on their own. To decide which should for download, you should look back your demand. If you just need a place to keep secrets like a back up plan, you can choose a normal Photo Locker apps as long as it’s safe enough. If you not only need a safe vault but also need a secret vault, you should choose a vault look like a normal calculator app. Because, noone borrows your phone just open a calculator app. Below, I show you 4 Iphone Photo Locker apps that I think they are one of the good apps as my experience. mua toyota vios 2020 ở đâu

  1. Secret Photo Vault – Iphone Photo Locker

Iphone Photo Lockers

Secret Calculator Dot app will give you one more secure level to protect your secret photos, contacts, password, browser history. What everyone can see is just an ordinary calculator. Until you type in your secret passcode the calculator turned into a private storage app in which you can hide your most secret photos, contacts, passwords, and more. toyota vios e

Features of the Iphone Photo Locker:

– Save your secret photos, albums into private vault

– Full functional photos, album viewer and browser

– Store contacts you don’t want in your regular address book

– Save all your passwords in one place toyota vios 1.5

Private browser, browse the internet without leaving any traces

And, of course, a great and look like normal calculator app!

2. Photo Vault – Private Browser

Iphone Photo Lockers

• Worried about friends, or close people seeing your private photos or videos while borrowing your mobile phone? Then Best Photo Vault iphone can solve this problem perfectly.

• Never worry about being checked again. When she (he) wants to view the album, press the Home button and use the camouflage password. mua toyota vios tại bắc ninh

• No ads, no uploads, no risk of leakage (bank security level encrypted photos. Full offline storage does not upload any user data!)

– Very careful design with the most exquisite animations and gestures. (If you are disappointed with the encrypted albums on the market, try it, it will bring you a lot of surprises!)

– Support for Live Photo, GIF, long images, videos, etc.

– Batch and lossless import and export of photos, videos.

– Safe and easy to use, press the Home button or shake it to lock the screen immediately.

– FaceID, TouchID login, can set the default login user.

3. Iphone Photo Locker: Secret Photo Vault

SafeLock secures private photos, videos, messages, passwords, notes and contacts by locking them down with PIN protection, fingerprint touch ID and Face ID. With SafeLock, you can protect your privacy, secure your photos, and save phone space with cloud backup.

You never again have to worry about letting someone use you phone and seeing your private information! There is also a private web browser that does not save any history on your phone and allows you to save secret bookmarks within the app. Some of the features offered by SafeLock are:

  • Secure all the private information on your device with a PIN
  • All your files will be backed up on the Cloud
  • Access app with personal digital password
  • Touch-ID / Face ID Authentication
  • Private web browsing
  • Store contacts you don’t want in your regular address book
  • Save all your passwords in one place xe ô tô toyota vios
  • Write and store private notes

4. Secret Calculator Vault

Are afraid that your personal photos or videos are open on your phone. Just download this app to hide your photos, contacts, fake calculator videos from the access of the unknown user. Set passcode that leads to an empty folder without having any hint to other.

  • Add, delete, share photos, videos in your vault.
  • Make secured notes to hide from other users.
  • Save contacts in a vault and hide from other users.
  • Secure your credentials like username, pass, etc.