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Top 3 Best Secret Photo Vault App for iPhone?

Photo vault app is a kind of popular app about keeping secret used by billions people in the world. That is the reason there are so many secret photo vault apps have been available in App Store. So that, finding a suitable app for yourself never has been easy. This article gives you information about the top popular apps. They are value information was based on the test with over 100 photo vault apps in App Store.

Here are top 5 best secret photo vault app for iPhone. Let’s check and leave comment

1.Fake Calculator 

Fake Calculator is a very secret photo vaults. Because, it looks like a normal calculator app but without function of calculator. However, it’s hard to recognize the difference. It will be the very useful mask to hide your purpose.

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Fake Calculator has 5 functions: photo vault, video vault, private password store, private contact store, private brows.

The app cannot be entered by anyone dont know your passcode.

  • Dont like

You can not view photo, video in full-screen

You have to always remember your passcode because you can not reset the passcode in any way.

2. Secret photo & Video vault


Photo & Video Vault is a normal secret photo vault keeps personal Photos & Videos safe by locking them down with PIN Code, Fingerprint Touch ID, and Pattern lock.

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– Password Protected App Entry: Pin Lock, Pattern/Dot Lock, Fingerprint Touch ID

– Password recovery option.

– The best & all-in-one Photo Editor tools, powered by Creative Cloud.

  • Dont like

– Share contents to any kind of social media.

– Most popular Cloud feature like Dropbox, Onedrive, Box, Evernote etc.

– People easily recognize the app in home screen

3. Safe Vault – Private Photo & Video Manager

Safe Vault – Private Photo & Video Manager is the app integrated almost features of photo vault app in App Store. It’s really the app help you solve all the issue that users usually meet.

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-Easily backup and synchronize your photos with Apple’s iCloud server.

– Unlimited Albums and Folders

– Un-hide photos and videos from Photo Vault as you like

– Full-screen viewing

– Decoy Password

  • Dont like

– Share photos from Photo Vault via email, iMessages, Facebook, Twitter,…

– Especially, an amazing PHOTO EDITOR that enables you to decorate your photos super easily

– Not pretty interface and usually lagging

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