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The reason you shoud have Secret Calculator – Calculator Vault

Now, when you go to use Calculator Vault, you will punch in exactly what you need to to open Calculator apps up, push that protective curtain to the side, and gain access to your photos and videos. They could be for planning an event. They could be from a trip you took with friends that you want to keep in gallery locker – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Or, they could just be pictures of something that you just want to keep in the gallery vault with no chance of anyone knowing that you have it.

Whatever the case, know that when you download and use Secret Calculator, you will be signing up to use an cloud storage app that no one knows exists on your device. On top of that, you get to choose a locking mechanism that works best for you. This could be a gallery locker, a fully numeric passcode, an alphanumeric passcode, and more. Once you are in the Calculator photo locker and you have created albums to organize your files, you can even add an additional level of security by putting a lock on the album itself.

Easy to use and navigate through, Secret Calculator is free to download and offers additional features with in-app purchases. What might make Secret Calculator less conspicuous is making the name of the app less conspicuous. Using the word “Secret” may just give something away, so I would highly suggest a change.

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