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The highlight features of Secret Photo Vault!

Secret Photo Vault is an app will make you amazing. Here is outstanding features of Secret Photo Vault that make it become one of the top Photo Vault app.

  • Perfect mask: calculator app
  • Loading speed: super-fast
  • Function: with 5 rooms: hide photos, videos, contact, password, browser.
  • Photo viewer: full screen like your camera rolls

Let’s check it out

Secret Photo Vault’s mask

The app has appearance like a normal calculator app on iPhone/iPad. This is the perfect mask to lock all private information. Everyone looks over your homescreen will not regconize or be attractive. Until you type your secret passcode, the calculator app turns into a gallery vault in which you can hide your most secret photos, videos, and more.

However, preventing anyone opening the app and annoying you, you should hide the app from homescreen. Read direction to help you hide any app from home screen here. Certainly, there are too many apps look like original calculator app. So what different between Secret Photo Vault and another app. Go on!

Super-fast loading speed

Almost photo vault apps are available in App Store have a problem that make users unpleasant too much. When you open an app, you may meet cases such as load, crash, not response. This very rarely happens with Secret Photo Vault.  You just enter the passcode, the app responds your request immediately and secret vault opened.

Loading speed is one of hints to help you regconize a good app. Special, when you keep your secrets in the vault, you need them were protected completely. If an app has issues about loading or crashing usually, effeciency of the app will not good. This may leads to unwanted case such as swallow your information.

Enjoy great functions of the Photo Vault

Each function was designed by popular icon so you can easily understand without instruction.

With Photo: you import photos from Camera Roll and save them on the secret vault. Specially, you can view photos with all function of photo viewer. The same with video, like an Video vault, the app provides you a room for storing your video. You import videos from Camera Roll and save them. Specially, you view videos on the app directly. Secret Photo Vault complete the responsibility. There are so many things you dont want to export to camera roll to view because of safe or sensitive.

Moreover, the calculator app allows you to save your contacts privately. Besides, Fake Calculator also provides function manage passwords. You can save all your passwords in one place to avoid always resetting password. Special, you can and keep browser in private without leaving any traces and browse the internet stay away from ads tracking.

Fake calculator Secret Photo Vault is one of top calculator app with millions users over the world. It is really the worth app you should have on your phone!

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