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The Best Video Locker App for iOS 2019

Video Locker app is quite strange for iOS users. It’s actually a photo vault to hide secret photos and intergrated video vault features. In other way, Video locker app is another name of photo vault.

There are sea of apps in App Store and not any photo vault apps is good for storing video. Lock a video in a app is more complicated than a photo. Even if the video includes content of sex or nude, you have to decide crucially careful.

Secret Photo Vault is an secret Calculator app that has a fake calculator cover. It is the easiest and safest way to create a secure location on your device to keep your Photos, Videos secure and private. You can store and protect them with a super Secret Passcode. Important,  “Secret Photo Vault” is the best personal Video Locker app where you can keep your most memorable videos without worrying your friends who use your phone don’t see your them if they browse through your gallery.

About great Features of Secret Photo Vault

Video Locker App

– Password protected app access with a PIN

Photo locker: stores and locks your photos with all format as well as manage your photos/videos faster in Album. Video Locker supur fast imports your video directly from your default gallery. The app support for almost popular video formats. The app optimized for HD, you can watch video directly in the app. Together, Secret Photo Vault automatically quits in device’s sleep mode. So you will secure you videos and photos totally. If you upgrade to premium, you can store unlimited photo and video

– Multi-select feature to import hundreds of photos/videos quickly.

– Fake door : Disguise the Video locker app as an Fake Calculator


– You can together save your passwords and manage them in the app, save contacts you dont want other see in contact list and browse internet with private browser

– Best rated photo vault among people in App Store

And there are so many interest things in new version are developing such as: photo and video editor, Share locked photos/videos to your friends, doesn’t show in the recent app, set theme depend on your mood

Best Video locker app to lock your images and videos, keep safe all your private data in one place now.

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