The best safe photo vault app is the question that I have no idea. However, in my experience, I will give you some information I think it can help you find out one of good photo vault apps for you. First of all, I want to confirm nothing is perpect. Maybe, it’s perfect for you not […]

Apple makes it easy to manage the apps on your iPhone. You can reorganize your apps onto different pages and folders, and delete the ones you never use. Unfortunately, one of the things that Apple does not allow you to do is to hide an app, or otherwise make it private, so only you can […]

There are so many Iphone Photo Locker apps in App Store that confuse you so much. So which is the best Photo Locker apps for you is not a easy question to anwser. In my opinion, each app will have strengness on their own. To decide which should for download, you should look back your demand. If […]

1. What is a photo vault iphone? Photo vault iphone is definition of kind of software/app help you hide photos you dont want another find out on camera rolls. With Photo vault iphone, your photos will be kept behind a password. Putting your private pictures into a photo vault adds them to an encrypted, password-protected […]

Mobile Photo Video Vault are commonly used to prevent access to sensitive data on the phone (such as images, videos, documents and so on). These Photo Video Vault usually offer a vault with your desired password. You can push any secret files to this vault and they would be secure, as the data present in […]

Photo Vault Recovery is one of the issues that is concerned too much by Photo Vault App users. Imagine that you have moved your precious photos in the photo vault apps and you uninstall the app without getting those photos out of the vault. In this case, you’re able to recover the photos. This post will […]

For starters, don’t be naïve. Frankly, our generation is ill-equipped to stay one step ahead of our kids. They are generally more tech-savvy and are on the right social media platforms to learn about these things faster than any of us can keep up. The first thing parents need to do is become aware of […]

Fake calculator Secret Photo Vault is the best save gallery vault app in App Store. The app looks like an innocent calculator app lock on your child’s Iphone or Android device. Actually, the Gallery vault app became a popular app in 2016, this app is used to hide photos and videos. Now there are many […]

The Calculator Vault Apps look like an innocent calculator app on your child’s Iphone or Android device. Actually, this app is used to hide photos and videos. However, if you enter the right password, you can “unlock” the secret photo that hidden behind the calculator vault apps.  The Secret Photo Vault is popular because it […]

  Secret Calculator App is a photo locker will give you one more secure level to protect your secret photos, videos, contacts. Moreover, the secret calculator app is integrated function password manager for iphone. Besises, you can browse the internet in private. Of course, everything looks like a truly calculator.  You will have a lot of advantage […]