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calculator apps hider

Stop children use calculator apps hider – What You Can Do?

Calculator apps hider: A Hiding Place for Photos and Videos

Calculator apps hider sounds like an app you’d want your child to have, right? All of a sudden, math homework just got a lot easier . . . and it’s free. Not so fast. The problem with Calculator apps hider is that its name and appearance are deliberately deceptive. This is an app designed to hide private photos and videos behind an calculator.

How it Works

Fake Calculator is tricky on two levels. First, it’s designed to look like the native calculator in iOS, as you can see below.

Second, Calculator+ is actually a functioning calculator. You can type in numbers and do normal operations on it, just like you can on the native calculator app. However, if you type in a passcode in the calculator interface and then press the percent (%) button, the app unlocks to reveal a secret vault for photo and video files.

What You Can Do About It

The first step, of course, is being aware that apps like Fake Calculator exist. In fact, Fake Calculator’s model is a popular one that other developers have used. Other secret storage vault apps using the calculator interface include Secret Calculator and Secret Photo & Video Calculator, which are available in the iOS App Store, and Smart Hide Calculator.

The second step is to make sure you are monitoring your child’s app purchases. Parental controls in both iOS and Android allow parents to view the apps that their kids have downloaded. With Calculator app lock iOS, parents can even set up notifications that allow them to approve or deny any app downloads. And now that you know about Fake Calculator app and similar apps, you’re armed with the awareness you need to decline permission for these deceptive apps.

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