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Photo vault recovery: Recover deleted photos from a Photo Vault

Photo Vault Recovery is one of the issues that is concerned too much by Photo Vault App users. Imagine that you have moved your precious photos in the photo vault apps and you uninstall the app without getting those photos out of the vault. In this case, you’re able to recover the photos. This post will walk you through it with solutions below, please read on and find the answer. tư vấn chiến lược marketing tổng thể

Photo Vault Recovery unless uninstall the app 

When using Photo Vault App, there are so many people usually delete a photo in accident. So almost Photo Vault App allows users recover deleted photos in Photo Vault. However, you have to upgrade your version to Premium version if you are using the app in basic version. With Premium version, you will have some other features that worth for you to upgrade. Vith Secret Photo Vault, premium version provides you some great feature, for example

  • Unlimited Storage and export: Store an unlimited number of albums, photos, videos and export any of photos, videos without unlimitation
  • No Ads: remove all advertisment
  • Fast Lock: enable lock all photos, videos instanlty when switch apps
  • Access and recover photos and videos you deleted

With Android phone, Photo Vault Recovery is easier than iOS phone, you’re able to recover the photos you deleted by re-installing the App. But if you happen to not have apk file of the vault, then you’ll be in trouble, please read on and find the answer.

Photo Vault Recovery when uninstalled the app

Photo Vault Recovery

Actually most photo video locker applications fall in 2 types :
1) Hiding using Encryption
2) Hiding in dot folders (Example: .foldername)

For the first type, you have a very less chance of photo vault apps picture recovery unless you know a very good decrypted application or someone who is familiar with that method. With first type just as the Fake Calculator or Secret Photo Vault, the most easy to recover deleted photos, upgrading to Premium version unless you haven’t uninstall the app. If you uninstall the app already, you have to ask for help from software of third-party. vữa chống nóng

For the second type, you might as well rely on an explorer that is capable of exposing the dot folders (hidden folders whose name begin with a dot.), such as ES File Explorer File Manager for Android or Leawo iOS Data Recovery for iPhone. Of course, there are so many sofware instead. You should research more carefully before installing any sofware to your device. giải pháp chống nóng






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