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Photo Locker Calculator: Choosing the right application for your sexting

Sexting is digitally sharing any messages of a sexual nature likes nude or explicit photos and videos. So to avoid accidental breaches of privacy, most people should choose the right application for your sexting. There 2 kind of apps we should concern: message app and private vault app (or super private vault Photo Locker Calculator).

Choosing the right application for your sexting

If you’re worried about your sexts being stolen by hackers, you should to choose an app that’s end-to-end encrypted. It means only the people who are sending and receiving messages can view them. Neither the app’s developers, nor the government, can intercept or decrypt the messages.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, is also end-to-end encrypted by default, unlike Facebook Messenger. But I don’t recommend it for sexting, because you need to take extra steps to protect yourself when using it to sext. When your partner sends you a photo on WhatsApp, for example, it is automatically saved to your camera roll on both iOS and Android. It’s easy to turn this feature off on iOS, but the process is more complicated on Android—making WhatsApp a poor choice.

Deciding which message app is right for your threat model is a crucially important part of practicing safe sexting. Make sure you choose an application that you don’t normally use to communicate with friends and family.

Super Private: Photo Locker Calculator app

Photo Locker Calculator app is a photo safe that keeps all of your private pictures and videos hidden behind a password. Have any photos or videos you don’t want someone to see? 

Photo Locker Calculator basic features:

  • Hide & lock picture & videos to keep your secret gallery
  • Manage your pictures and videos easily
  • Easily take a selfie with the private camera
  • Lock private pictures and videos with PIN or Pattern lock

Photo Locker Calculator

“Secret Photo Vault” hides pictures and videos (Video Locker app) and it is an app that is absolutely needed for protection of personal privacy. Moreover, the product is one of the most popular apps in the world and is one of the top 10 Gallery Vault apps on iTunes.

Besides basic feature, Secret Photo Vault has some premium Features such as:

  • Support calculator fake cover (fake calculator app) and no one knows the existence of secret gallery vault
  • Advanced Photo Locker Calculator version with no advertisement

Decide a encrypted message app is not enough for sexting. If you keep your sexy photos in camera roll, there are risks that someone can see them. So that, you should have a back up plan for yourself in any case. A free app like Secret Photo Vault is a good choice.



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