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How to hide an app on your iPhone’s home screen?

Apple makes it easy to manage the apps on your iPhone. You can reorganize your apps onto different pages and folders, and delete the ones you never use. Unfortunately, one of the things that Apple does not allow you to do is to hide an app, or otherwise make it private, so only you can find it. If you have apps that you want to keep others from seeing, you can take some steps below to hide them.

Hide apps in folders on your home screen

The best way to hide apps in a folder is to fill the first pages of the folder with apps that you’re not trying to hide.

  • Choose a folder that already exists on your iPhone (preferably a boring one, like Utilities) or create a new app folder. This isn’t quite the same thing as hiding apps outright, of course, but it does remove apps from immediate view.
  • Press and hold the app icon you want to hide until all your app icons wiggle.
  • Hold and drag the app you’re hiding into the folder where you’re hiding it.











  • And you can further hide apps by moving them beyond the first page of a folder. So an effective strategy for hiding an app is add up to nine apps so that the first page of your folder contains only apps that you’re fine with people seeing.  After that, storing apps you want to keep out of sight on page two, three, or more.
  • To move an app between pages in a folder, drag an app to the right so that a new page within the folder will be created. (Apps on the first page of a folder are visible from the iPhone’s Home screen.)
  • Fill this second page with apps and hide just one or two apps among them so it’s not obvious.
  • If you really want to bury those apps deep, you can create up to 12 pages in a folder as long as each page has at least one app. That means you could have a folder with 11 pages of apps you only sometimes use, and hide your app or apps on the 12th page.

This method obviously doesn’t completely hide apps on your iPhone, but it sure makes it hard to accidentally come across them.​

Keep your secrets in Fake Calculator apps and hide the app

1. What is Fake Calculator vault?

Fake Calculator is a photo vault app with appearance look like a calculator app so that you can store your secret photos, videos in this app. Because the app looks like a calculator app, you will be delight. Everyone just think it is a calculator and they will not open it.

There are alots the same apps in App Store, each app has a high light feature. So it’s very hard to choose the one suitable for you. To be easy, you should know what exactly you want. If you want to have a photo vault look like a calculator app, you can search in App Store with keywork “Fake Calculator”. After that, you read description of 10 first app to have information to compare. If you need a normal photo vault, you search “photo vault”. It will show you a long list app and you just do the same way above. Photo vault is becoming smarter with too many features for users. There is some apps help you hide your secrets in 2 vault, imagine it like a vault has too rooms. Some anothers offer you hide your photos, videos, passwords, contacts, browsers history together.

2. How to hide Fake Calculator app

Why we should hide this kind of app? Imagine your friend want to do something with calculator app and he/she dont have his/her phone at this time. If you show this app in home screen, they will open it with not hesitant. And you have to explain what is it, why you use it, bla bla… It’s so annoyed. Why dont we prevent the unwanted case like that?

How to hide Fake Calculator app? In the first part, I showed you one way too hide an any app. With Fake Calculator app, you can do the same. However, if you want to check out more ways than this, please check out in this article. We collect almost you can hide an app without using thirt-party app.

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