Calculator app

How to have a calculator app

Fake calculator is one of app with best function of a gallery vault. It appears a normal calculator on iPhone/iPad is the perfect mask to lock all private information. Fake Calculator provides you a secret gallery vault where you can hide photos, videos, contacts with several clicks.

Fake Calculator works like a gallery vault under appearance of calculator allow users to lock everything in private

Firstly, please download Fake Calculator on Appstore for iPhone/iPad or any iOS devices. The app is on top 10 of first page. So you can find the calculator app very easily.

Secondly, enter the catchy and secret passcode for Fake Calculator. The calculator app is the super private gallery vault so if you forgot passcode, it’s seem to be the gallery vault close completely

Thirdly, Import secret photos, videos, contacts, passwords you want to keep in Fake Calculator. The app is very to understand. It is one of the smartest gallery vaults nowadays

Now you can release with everything locked in a gallery vault masked by Fake Calculator. The app will never let you down

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