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How to download a Fake Calculator App in App Store?

Fake calculator app is kind of gallery vault app help you have a place to store your private photos, videos and some other things. There are so many same apps in App Store so that to choose the right one is not easy. Forturnately, there are some views we can look over to regconize easily.

  • It looks like a normal calculator app over 80%
  • It’s safe enough like a normal gallery vault and video vault well.
  • It provides function of camera rolls to help users watch photos, video on the vault directly.

We offer you a very good one that match with these things above. It is Secret/ PhotoVault 

Secret/ PhotoVault has appearance like a normal calculator app on iPhone/iPad. It has a perfect mask to lock all private information. The app provides you a secret gallery vault where you can hide photos, videos, contacts with several clicks.

Features of Secret/ PhotoVault

Secret/ Photo Vault has outstanding features for people that need an very safe gallery vault.  

  1. The app provides you a place to save your secret photos, albums, contacts. You can save all your passwords you are using for each account in the app also. Moreover, you can browse the internet without leaving any traces or erasing histories.

  2. You can see you photos, video in the app directly. With this feature, you will not feel inconvenience when you see your photos, videos in the app.

  3. The app is safe completely. Noone can reset your passcode to steal your information. Tips for you when set passcode. When you set passcode, you save them by sending yourself a message in Messenger or What apps. In case, you forgot passcode, you search the message in Messenger to take it back. 

Download right “Fake” Calculator app

Firstly, please download Fake Calculator on Appstore for iPhone/iPad or any iOS devices. You enter keyword “Fake calculator” and a list will be appeared. The app is on top 10 of first page so you can find the app very easily.

Secondly, enter the catchy and secret passcode. The app is the super private gallery vault so if you forgot passcode, it’s seem to be the gallery vault close completely

Thirdly, Import secret photos, videos, contacts, passwords you want to keep in Fake Calculator. The app is very to understand. It is one of the smartest gallery vaults nowadays.

Now you can release with everything locked in a gallery vault masked by Calculator. The app will never let you down.

Here are the highlight features of Fake Calculator help you avoid download the wrong one.

  1. Logo: Fake Calculator is the app has icon likes a calculator app with fingerprint to help you regconize what is real and what is “fake”
  2. Name: Secret/Photo vault
  3. Developer: Fake Calculator is the app was created by Maple Labs Co.

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