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How can I know the best safe Photo Vault App in App Store?

The best safe photo vault app is the question that I have no idea. However, in my experience, I will give you some information I think it can help you find out one of good photo vault apps for you.

First of all, I want to confirm nothing is perpect. Maybe, it’s perfect for you not for me or contrast. So that, certaintly any app in the world always has weekness in some ways though it is called perfect. However, to recognize a photo vault app is safe enough, there are some things you can check out.

Pin or passcode of photo vault app

The factor we trust in an app keeps secrets of us is pin or passcode. Actually, Apple provides some ways to help users hide app photos or lock any app though pin or passwword. However, there are some reasons users still need other apps instead. Almost photo vault for phone, laptop or computer have a strong pin or passcode enough. User’s task is to always remember the pin/pascode they create. What happens if we forgot? There are 2 points of view in resetting passcode for users. That is yes or no.

You will feel it’s rediculous with who vote for no? I think it’s not bad at all. In this point of view, people think that if anyone is not owner of the vault want to reset the passcode, and the systerm react to them is yes, the app will be opened. This means the vault is not safe. What about Face ID, password of phone? It will protect the app. You know we dont usuallty log out email on the phone and if an your “close” friend take your phone and reset, they will open it. With each app developer, they have their own thought to resolve issues. So you can lean on this information to have decision.

***Some apps provide you decoy passcode in case if anyone asks for you about what you kept in app. It is great in any way. However, I think noone believes that you use this app just for nonsense. So that, the best way is to hide the app away from home screen. To know how to hide an app away from, read here.

Function of photo vault app

Of course, a photo vault will have main function that store private photos, videos for users. However, knowing users’ demand, app developer intergrated some other features like private browser, contacts and passwword. You dont have to erase browser history every use Safari or take note each password like bank account.

It’s so great, right! I know you’ve heard if an app has too much function, it will lag in use process. In my opinon about technical, not because of too many features that make the app crash; the issue come from the level of developer who created the app.  This app is an simple app so lagging, crash will rarely appeare, maybe sometimes.

Import and export photos, videos

In my experience, there no any issue when you import photos to the app. Some apps will let you option delete photos or not when you import photos to the app in success. It does not a matter. The matter usually appear when you export photos to camera roll, an any cloud or other devices.

If you meet troubles when export photos, you can asks for developer to support you. In almost case, users were fixed issue and could take photos back. However, like I said above, this is the general problem of photo locker app. So that, to know what is good, you can check vote rating of the app in App Store. If the app always makes users meet trouble, I think it can not be rated over 3 stars.

App Recommend

In role of developer, we recommend the app of us certainly. However, I know audiences will not like this. About, app recommend, I have no idea. I showed you some tips help you narrow your choice above, Your task left is to listen your demand. I have an advice that you should read description of the app and review the app in App Store.

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