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secret calculator vault

How can I ask for supporting of secret calculator vault?

If you need to contact Fake calculator team, there are a lot of way to contact us for supporting.

You can contact us by opening the app, then you go to setting and touch the button “contact us”. After that, you can send us email about your problem. You can contact us through website, social network like Facebook.

Incase, you want to know about the privacy of our secret calculator vault

Best Calculator app collect personal information you give Fake Calculator app, such as:

Account information. We collect personal information when you create an account, such as your email address and password, as well as your phone number if you provide one to enable two-factor authentication or if you use our telephony service. see more password manager

Account content. If you have a Service account, you can use and store different types of data in the Service, such as photos and videos, files, messages and other content.

Transaction information. When you order paid versions pro of secret calculator vault, we collect information necessary to complete the transaction, including your name, payment information and billing information.read more calculator vault

Contact detailsWe collect the contact details you share with us when you communicate with us. They may include your email address, phone number, postal address or social media handles.

Feedback. You may share information with us when you respond to surveys, request customer support or otherwise interact with us.

Device dataYou may choose to give us permission to access certain data on or components of your device, such as your photos, contacts, microphone and camera. You can always disable this access in your device’s settings.

Sensitive personal information

Secret calculator + app is a secret calculator vault for you hide everything event sensitive data. But we will never ask you to send us or submit to the Service any information related to racial or ethnic origin; political opinions or union membership; religious or other beliefs; your health, biometric or genetic information; information about your sexual preference or sexual orientation; or information about your criminal background.

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