A photo vault app is one that can keep your private photos, videos, and messages safe from prying eyes. To access the trove, the user must input a password. In some cases, these apps are disguised as other types of apps, such as a calculator vault app or calendar, to make it harder to detect. […]

1. Gallery Lock (Hide Pictures) — Photo Vault Apps As its name spells out, video Locker hides your pictures from would-be snoops. A stealth mode hides the app icon, and the camera will take a shot of anyone who inputs the wrong password three times in a row. Gallery Locker is free, so features like […]

Smartphones have made sexting easier than ever — just get to the dirty talking via text, then snap a suggestive pic or eight and send them over. Instantaneous digital gratification. But what do you do after your sexting? While one option is always to delete them ASAP, if you’re going to keep them, do yourself […]

Every lady has the right to get her naked selfie on, but here’s the thing: Those sexy pics of you don’t always stay between you and the lucky person you’re sending them to. And when those photos get loose, they’re pretty much impossible to take back. What’s worse, those leaked images can seriously screw with […]

For starters, don’t be naïve. Frankly, our generation is ill-equipped to stay one step ahead of our kids. They are generally more tech-savvy and are on the right social media platforms to learn about these things faster than any of us can keep up. The first thing parents need to do is become aware of […]

If you found a Secret Calculator Lock Apps on your child’s phone, do not panic! You might feel angry or shocked with some of the content found on the app but panicking will not help resolve the situation . As much as you feel like punishing them, you have to do the more difficult thing […]

The Calculator Vault Apps look like an innocent calculator app on your child’s Iphone or Android device. Actually, this app is used to hide photos and videos. However, if you enter the right password, you can “unlock” the secret photo that hidden behind the calculator vault apps.  The Secret Photo Vault is popular because it […]

Calculator hidden apps looks like an innocent calculator apps on your child’s Iphone or Android device. Actually, this app is used to hide files, photos and videos. The Calculator hidden apps became a popular app in 2016. Now there are many versions of this app. This app is popular. Because it helps anyone to hide […]

Calculator apps hider: A Hiding Place for Photos and Videos Calculator apps hider sounds like an app you’d want your child to have, right? All of a sudden, math homework just got a lot easier . . . and it’s free. Not so fast. The problem with Calculator apps hider is that its name and appearance […]

If you want to restore what you deleted in Fake calculator app, you go to Pro Version. You will have a lot of advantage when you go to Pro Version of Fake calculator app. Besides, you can store an unlimited number of albums, photos, videos. You can export any photo, videos without limitation. You can remove […]