The best safe photo vault app is the question that I have no idea. However, in my experience, I will give you some information I think it can help you find out one of good photo vault apps for you. First of all, I want to confirm nothing is perpect. Maybe, it’s perfect for you not […]

Apple makes it easy to manage the apps on your iPhone. You can reorganize your apps onto different pages and folders, and delete the ones you never use. Unfortunately, one of the things that Apple does not allow you to do is to hide an app, or otherwise make it private, so only you can […]

There are so many Iphone Photo Locker apps in App Store that confuse you so much. So which is the best Photo Locker apps for you is not a easy question to anwser. In my opinion, each app will have strengness on their own. To decide which should for download, you should look back your demand. If […]

1. What is a photo vault iphone? Photo vault iphone is definition of kind of software/app help you hide photos you dont want another find out on camera rolls. With Photo vault iphone, your photos will be kept behind a password. Putting your private pictures into a photo vault adds them to an encrypted, password-protected […]

There are plenty of reasons that you might want or need to hide information on your phone from prying eyes in an app like photo video locker app. Whether it’s sensitive company communications, personal information, or anything in-between. There’s always something we don’t want others to see. Out of the box, iOS offers plenty of […]

Well, the iPhone doesn’t really allow you to create a private photo album.  However, we have some great workarounds to share with you. But for even more security, you can also use an app to hide photos and videos in a secret photo album on your iPhone. Here’s how to hide photos on your iPhone […]

Prevent leaking sexting photo with Photos Video locker App is a topic that is concerned by almost smartphone users. Now, we all know that sometimes a sexy selfie is the best way to get bae to come home ASAP. However, what is the safest thing to do? Sometimes it’s important to take a step back […]

Sexting is digitally sharing any messages of a sexual nature likes nude or explicit photos and videos. So to avoid accidental breaches of privacy, most people should choose the right application for your sexting. There 2 kind of apps we should concern: message app and private vault app (or super private vault Photo Locker Calculator). […]

Dont keep the photos or save your sexts securely  You never know who may be snooping around your phone, or who can accidentally catch sight of your nude photo or dirty text message. If you have consent from your partner to save the sexts they’ve sent to you, they should be locked inside an encrypted, […]

Video Locker app is quite strange for iOS users. It’s actually a photo vault to hide secret photos and intergrated video vault features. In other way, Video locker app is another name of photo vault. There are sea of apps in App Store and not any photo vault apps is good for storing video. Lock […]